What Are Dipping Powders?

When I first tried OPI’s Powder Perfection Dipping Powders, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after the first application, I knew immediately that this would be my new go-to alternative to a gel manicure. I was so fascinated by the application process and how easy it was to apply. When I learned that nail dip powder adds strength and durability to your nails, I knew this new system was totally for me. My nails are very delicate and break very easily, so having long nails has never been practical for me. Powder Perfection, and most dipping powders, look much thicker than gel or regular nail polish, but it doesn’t feel heavier on the nails.


A nail dip powder, or more generally, dipping powder, is a unique application where the nail is dipped into a colored acrylic powder multiple times, cured with an activator, and finished with a topcoat. If you like a durable and long-lasting nail, then sign yourself up for a dipping powder service with your favorite nail professional.