Did you know, that Blondies Kolinsky Sable brushes are made in the U.S. but, the hair is imported from Russia where, the hair comes from either the weasel or mink and the animals are naturally farmed. The colder winters produce smoother hair from the animals who are not harmed in any way. The smoother hair creates a smoother surface when, working with your brush on acrylics. Kolinsky Sable hair comes from only the tail of the weasel or the belly of the mink where, there are fewer hairs to choose from. This is why, Blondies Kolinsky Sable brushes cost more than, domestic sable. Our brushes are put together with, a special glue which keeps the hairs from falling out. Then, the hair is hand-tied together and inserted in the metal ferrule. Our handles are natural wood and are not affected by chemicals. We take extreme pride in our Blondies Brand of brushes. We know you will enjoy using our brushes which are styled in oval, round or square tips.

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